The TVR Trident Sports Car

A survey of The TVR Trident Sports Car, covering improvement, critical highlights, and specialized information of this the seventh model in the TVR go.


In this Article, I offer a nostalgic take a gander at the TVR Trident, one of a tip top gathering of great autos, which was fabricated amid the period 1965.

used car

In the mid 1960’s, there was an inclination at TVR that the time was on the whole correct to take the organization more upmarket.


Truth be told, they had their sights available area overwhelmed by such marques as Jaguar and Aston Martin.


This new model would be founded on the current TVR body, while the body would be set in the hands of a well known Italian plan house which, around then, was sought after from elegant, quality motoring brands.


In the Spring of 1963, TVR administration had a gathering with Trevor Frost, an English originator, who was as of now working for the mentor manufacturer Carrozzeria Fissore, in Turin.


He bestowed his thoughts for the outline of another TVR sports auto, which appropriately awed the administration group.


In any case, around then, they were not able take the outline idea to the following level, since they did not have the assets to do as such.


In any case, the undertaking was properly reactivated in the Winter of 1964 under the name of TVR Trident.


As needs be, Trevor Frost displayed the framework intends to Carrozzeria Fissore who consented to manufacture two Trident models, in view of the case at first relegated to the TVR Grantura, which had been changed for use in the Griffith 400 and 600 models that joined a V8 motor.


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